Squid,also known as David,in real life

Squid is one of the chief members of the Magic Animal Club. He occasionaly plays with Stampy doing maps, Lets Plays, and mini games.


Squid made the youtube channel iBallisticSquid and made his first video "Skyrim, Meet My Pet Dragon". He then made lots of Minecraft and Skyrim videos including "Sky Island Challenge", "Pixelmon", and "Let's Play Skyrim". He also plays games with Stampy, Ash, Amy, and Rosie.

Squid nowEdit

Squid now makes lots of videos in his Minecraft Sky Island, The Emerald Isle's Pixelmon Server, and on Skyrim. He also does a Terraria Lets Play. He publishes a Sky Island video every wednesday and saturday, the same days as Stampy when he posts his Lovely World videos. He also has a spreadshirt where the Squid shirt can be bought.
Minecraft - Crazy Craft 2

Minecraft - Crazy Craft 2.2 - Tropical Island 4

An Episode of Crazy Craft 2.2, Which He Plays With Stampy and Ash