Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World 1-0

Minecraft - Welcome To Stampy's Lovely World 1-0

The first public apperance of Stampy's Lovely World

Stampy's Lovely World is Stampy's main world in Minecraft. This is where his does his Stampy's Lovely World Lets Plays.


Stampy's Lovely World originated when he published his first youtube video on his second channel: stampylonghead.

Stampy's Lovely World nowEdit

Stampy is constantly building away in his lovely world and it would be very difficult to name all of the places in it, but here are a few.

Stampy's Current House

Stampy's First Home

Stampy's Doghouse

Stampy's Village

Stampy's Shopping Center

Stampy's Funland

Stampy's Emergency Igloo

The Tree Train

Stampy's Big Carrot (rocket ship)

Googlie's Island

All of the dog's graves

Stampy's Love Garden

The "Helter Skelter" Shelter

Stampy's Secret Base (Underneath the Lake near the Doghouse)

Stampy's hot buns

Creeper coaster

Tumble tower

Flower power

Kitty cat condo

The soggy sandwich

Golf course

Water rush

It's a lovely world

Shear fun

Duck fling

What goes up



Pick-a-Pet Pet Shop

Cat Care Clinic (Hospital)